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Your car, work truck, boat trailer and motorcycle all have different and critical tire pressure requirements. With operating pressures between 26 PSI and 120 PSI, TireGuard is the only product that covers the full spectrum.

That means TireGuard works on virtually every type of vehicle: cars, sport utility vehicles (SUV), motorcycles, recreational vehicles (RV), construction equipment, and commercial trucks.


Family road trips, long cargo hauls and gridlocked commutes all put you at risk. Under-inflated tires heat up and break down rapidly, increasing your chances of an accident. Don't let a flat tire or serious blowout ruin your day, or worse.


Today more than ever, fuel economy is a major concern. Properly inflated tires put less strain on your engine and make your car run smoother. Fuel is money, and TireGuard makes it easy to save.


Under-inflated tires cause excess drag on your vehicle, reducing handling ability and wasting horsepower. If your passion is performance, you need TireGuard.


Unique to the industry, TireGuard's sonic-weld construction makes it highly resistant to impact and vibration. No other on-vehicle tire pressure gauge offers that kind of strength and precision.


Properly inflated tires simply last longer and that means fewer discarded tires, decrease emissions, and reduced fuel use. Using TireGuard is a simple way to make a big difference.

TireGuard is a device that replaces the valve stem caps on your vehicle's tires. Simply remove your old valve stem caps and firmly tighten TireGuard onto your valve stems. When installed, the TireGuard will instantly display a green or red indicator.


TireGuard will display GREEN if a tire is properly inflated.


When TireGuard begins displaying RED, the tire is under pressure by 10%. Ai r should be added to that tire IMMEDIATELY!


Your car, work truck, boat trailer and motorcycle all have different and critical tire pressure requirements. With operating pressures between 26 PSI and 120 PSI, TireGuard is the only product that covers the full spectrum.

That means TireGuard works on virtually every type of vehicle: cars, sport utility vehicles (SUV), motorcycles, recreational vehicles (RV), construction equipment, and commercial trucks.

TireGuard carries a 3-year manufacturer's warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. TireGuard is guaranteed to be accurate for the life of the tire.

Proven Results

Field tested and approved. TireGuard Pressure Monitors have been proven effective for maintenance and safety programs.

Arizona Public Service, a company that generates, sells and delivers electricity and energy-related services to 900,000 Arizona Customers

David Daly, Transportation Maintenance Supervisor of Arizona Public Service provided these comments after several months of testing TireGuard Pressure Monitors in their fleet of service vehicles; "I'm pleased to report that our use of TireGuard Pressure Monitors for the last several months is having a positive impact. I have overheard very favorable comments from our drivers and others regarding this new addition to our fleet maintenance and safety program. The monitors have proven to be very reliable and of great quality." At Arizona Public Service, fleet drivers are responsible for fleet vehicle tire maintenance. With the proven effectiveness of TireGuard Pressure Monitors, Arizona Public Service is expanding their use to the entire fleet; "The simple and easy-to-view indicator on the TireGuard Pressure Monitors is helping to increase overall driver awareness of this important maintenance step. As we move forward with placing these pressure monitors on the remaining vehicles within our fleet, I'm confident that we'll see additional benefits of longer tire life and less driver or vehicle downtime as a result of poor tire maintenance. "

Automobile Club of Southern California, Automotive Research and Inspection Center

Steven Mazor, Principal Automotive Engineer of the Automobile Club of Southern California, tested the TireGuard Pressure Monitors for effectiveness. "The controlled evaluation process included installing the pressure monitors on several vehicles including a 2003 Ford Mustang, 2000 Ford F150, 1996 Ford Crown Victoria and a 2001 Ford Excursion. After three months of testing, Mr. Mazor concluded that the TireGuard Pressure Monitors were absolutely effective "All of the pressure monitors evaluated showed "green" at the correct tire pressure. The units have been used for over three months. To date none have developed leaks and no mechanical difficulties have been encountered."

Under Pressure?

If you're under pressure, then you, like most car and truck owners and drivers, are probably ignoring the easiest and fastest auto maintenance step. An important step that might be putting you and your passengers' safety at risk and cost you as much as 5 cents for every gallon in lost fuel efficiency. By simply checking and maintaining your car or truck's tire pressure you can help prevent accidents, increase your auto's fuel efficiency and add a few thousand miles of extra life to your tires. Accurate tire pressure is important; it's a matter of fact!

Safety Facts

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a study October, 2003 finding that a quarter of cars and a third of light trucks are driven with at least one tire substantially under inflated. The survey estimates low tire pressure kills as many as 79 people a year with as many as 10,635 people a year injured.

In many accidents involving Firestone tires, they were not inflated to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer. Firestone tire failures have been blamed in 203 deaths and more than 700 injuries - Featured on CNBC's Hittin the Road, many drivers have under inflated tires, by Kerry Sanders.

"about 90% of the tire failures were caused by under inflation" - ATA Tire Pressure Study

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggests there would be fewer crashes due to tire blowouts, immobilized vehicles or poor vehicle handling from [tire] pressure loss and hydroplaning. Properly inflated tires optimize driver control and braking.

Fuel Facts

Just one tire under inflated by just 2 PSI will result in a I % increase in fuel consumption. A whole set of under inflated tires can increase fuel consumption by as much as 6% Featured on CNBC's Hittin' the Road, How to keep cash in your pocket while you 're packing and putting the pedal to the metal, by Colin Hurlock

Keeping your tires inflated to the recommended pressure and using the recommended grade motor oil can save as much as 3 - 5 cents gallon-The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Fuel Economy Guide

You can improve your gas mileage by an average or 3% by keeping your tires inflated Io the proper tire pressure.

Description of TireGuard Pressure Monitors:

TireGuard Pressure Monitors, manufactured by Precision Safety Innovations Inc., is a precision device that actively monitors tire pressure for each tire of a vehicle, allowing drivers to check air pressure for each tire. "Tire pressure at a glance." All materials and parts for the TireGuard carries a 3-year unconditional guarantee on performance and accuracy.


TireGuard is available for all tires with recommended operating pressures between 26 P.S.I. and 120 P.S.I. TireGuard is available for virtually every type of vehicle, including cars, sports utility vehicles, motorcycles, R.V’s, commercial trucks, trailers and construction equipment. TireGuard is the only product in its price range that is available for recreational vehicles and commercial trucks. TireGuard is sold in sets of two and four for passenger vehicles and motorcycles, and sets four and six for R.V's and commercial vehicles. TireGuard is available in a standard high gloss black finish, as well as chrome, gold and other custom anodized finishes.

Design Features:

TireGuard is proudly manufactured out of Lexan. Lexan was chosen for its higher strength-to-weight ratio than most steel, plus high resistance to extreme temperatures and most weather conditions. It is virtually unbreakable. Using Lexan allows the exterior of the

Fused into a single piece using a spin weld technique, making TireGuard a sealed unit impervious to impact, vibration, and weather. The interior mechanism of the TireGuard uses materials developed by NASA. The mechanism is simple, yet extremely precise and the design insures durable and accurate service for years. The TireGuard hexagonal design allows tightening with a wrench to 10 – 12 foot-pounds, making it less susceptible to theft.


Precision Safety Innovations, manufacturers of TireGuard, are committed to the highest standards of performance and accuracy:

- Independent Lab Report / for leaking and accuracy.

- Complies with S.A.E. # J-2657

- Chief Engineer of TireGuard is a member of the Society for Automotive Engineers (Member # 611044904)

- Member of American Trucking Association Technology of Maintenance Council.

- Member of Board determining compliance data for mechanical tire pressure monitor.

- TireGuard is currently being tested by AAA of Southern California’s principal Automotive Engineer for use by State of

California, in a Tire Pressure Awareness Study. AAA of Southern California is currently using TireGuard on several

test vehicles.

A Nationally accepted Safety Consultant is testing TireGuard for use on fleets.

- Member of SEMA

- Member of Good Sam’s Club – Currently testing TireGuard on a selection of managerial staff employees.

- A major Public Utility company/Public Services Department is testing for use on all utility vehicles.

Benefits of the TireGuard unit:


Under-inflated tires heat up rapidly under driving conditions, which causes them to heat up and deteriorate at an accelerated rate. When tires break down at this rate, they are much more

Prone to sudden failure resulting in blow-outs. Given the high level of consumer awareness about the dangers of low tire pressure following several high profile blow-outs and vehicle rollovers, more and more people are taking notice of the importance of properly inflated tires. TireGuard allows drivers to check their tire pressure in seconds without tools, giving them tremendous piece of mind.

Reduced Tire Wear

Properly inflated tires simply last longer than under-inflated tires. Drivers who check their tires regularly with TireGuard will enjoy reduced tire costs.

Improved Fuel Economy and Vehicle Performance

Under-inflated tires cause excess drag on the vehicle, making it have to work harder. The convenience and accuracy of the TireGuard allows drivers to get the most from their engine, saving on precious fuel costs. This is particularly attractive to commercial vehicle operators and fleet owners, whose bottom lines are directly affected by changes in fuel economy.

Promotes a Cleaner Environment

TireGuard savings in terms of fuel and tires also have a positive effect on the environment. Less fuel used means cleaner air. Reduced tire wear means fewer discarded tires, which have been an increasingly alarming environmental problem with regards to storage and destruction of old tires. When drivers maintain proper tire pressure with TireGuard, they are reducing not only the impact on their wallets, but also on the environment.

Affordable for Every Driver

Drivers now have a highly accurate, durable solution to monitor tire pressure, and TireGuard is pleased to offer its product in a price range affordable to every driver. The safety and savings benefits associated with the TireGuard make it appropriate for every vehicle in a fleet or in a family.

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TG 30 30 PSI      TG 60 60 PSI      TG 95 95 PSI

TG 32 32 PSI      TG 65 65 PSI      TG 100 100 PSI

TG 34 34 PSI      TG 70 70 PSI      TG 105 105 PSI

TG 36 36 PSI      TG 75 75 PSI      TG 110 110 PSI

TG 40 40 PSI      TG 80 80 PSI      TG 120 120 PSI

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