Proper brake adjustment and legal brake strokes are required by LAW.

How do you measure-up?


Measure air brake chamber pushrod stroke

Measure for 90 degree applied brake angle

Measure brake lining thickness at the inspection hole
Measuring Brake Stroke:

Chock the wheels.

Build air system to about 120 PSI, turn the engine off. Release the parking brakes.

Using the chalk, mark each pushrod where it exits the brake chamber.

By making a few brake applications, reduce air system pressure to between 90-100 PSI. Now have a helper make and hold a FULL brake application, (or if working alone, use a Brake Mate shown elsewhere in this catalog). With the full application being maintained, go back under and measure the distance each chalk mark has moved.

Measuring Brake Lining Thickness

Use the tip of the pre-measured by placing it beside the edge of the brake lining at the inspection hole.

Brake lining that is thicker than the gauge does not need to be replaced.

Brake lining thinner than the gauge MUST BE replaced

Measuring Excessive Stroke

An applied brake at 90 degrees is NOT the law, just a recommendation. To check the applied brakes simply hold the 90 degree gauge along the pushrod at the slack adjuster where a right angle should be present.

Shipping weight: 2 oz. each

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