Visual Brake Stroke Information System

Stainless steel - unaffected by chemical washes.2 Styles of Kits - Regular or OTP for short pushrods

SS-400 is 4" long w/bolt-on offset stud - Steer Axle
SS-400 OTP for chambers with short push rods
SS-500 is a 5" long w/bolt-on offset stud - Drive Axle
SS-500 OTP for chambers with short push rods
SS-600 is a 6" long screw-on stainless stud - Trailers
SS-1000 is a 10" long screw-on stainless stud -Intraax.OTP Style has a replacement clevis pin, due to space limitations of short push rod.

One way to avoid surprises during brake inspection.

Reduce the potential for citations.

Helps keep safer vehicles on the road.

Faster pre or post-trip inspections by drivers.

Know at a glance if autoslacks are working or not.

Easily recognize lazy park brake application or release. Reduce the need for drivers to crawl under vehicles.

Maintenance will love the easy to follow installation instructions. Installation time about 15 minutes per wheel end.

Driver brake stroke inspection time, about 1 minute per wheel end.....

Shipping weight approximately 1 lb. per axle.

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