for Manual Slack Adjuster

Easy to install one piece contamination cover to fit most manual slack adjusters.

Three easy steps:

Lubricate the adjuster to push contamination out, check to ensure the locking sleeve is lubed, install the one piece Slush Boot over the lock sleeve.

Keep dirt out,

Keep the locking sleeve free of contaminants, Increase vehicle uptime,

Longer slack adjuster life,

Yellow Cap Part # Y125 Style fits adjusters with bump type lock sleeve.

Red Cap Part # R127 fits large round lock sleeve barrel.

Customer Claims:

"Since installing Slush Boots on our fleet of trucks we have not had a slack adjuster failure. We encourage other fleet owners to do the same."

"We operate a fleet of salt shakers. Getting manual slack adjusters to live was a huge problem. Those days are gone thanks to Slush
Boots. "

Shipping weight: Pack of 12 - 9 oz.

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