SHUR-GUIDE Steering Stabilizer

T-1 ShurGuide

Includes 5" axle mounting brackets. Does not include spindle mounting brackets. Fits all trucks and truck/tractors with front axle capacity of more than 7,000 lbs. With tires larger than 900 x 20.

T-2 ShurGuide

For medium duty trucks, buses, or motor homes. Including vehicles with GVW over 9,000 Ibs. and 1 1/2 ton chassis and larger. e.g. Dodge RDM-300, M-300, M375, RM500. International1510 and Ford P-500 chassis up to 7,000 lb. capacity front axle with 900 tires or smaller.

Shur-Guide Parts

11. AB-1 Axle bracket

2. CS-1 Compression spring forT-1

2. CS-2 Compression spring T-2

1. ES-1 Extension spring for T-1

1. ES-2 Extension spring for T-2

4. SA-1 Main bar

3. SA-2 Pivot bar

5. SA3 Clevis bar

6. SA-4 Shoulder bolt & Nut

Shur-Guide Parts (Continued)

7. SA-5 Pivot Bushing .

8. SA-7 Clevis pin

9. SA-7-2 Axle mounting pad 3" x 4"

10. SA-8 Eye BoltMounting Brackets

F3W-1200 Mounting bracket 12,000 or less axle

F3W-1230 Mounting bracket 12-20K axle

F3W-12001 Mounting bracket 12K Eaton axle

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