Try our new Safety Link System designed to
help identify the problem of loosening wheel nuts on 33 mm Hub Piloted Disc Wheel Nuts.

Two Issues can cause the problem;

Relaxation of Tension

Loss of clamping Action

Loss of tension can occur after initial torquing,

even with the vehicle stationary, as a result of settling.

Loss of Clamping Action can occur on a moving vehicle even if torque procedures were properly carried out, due to wheel stud stretch, thick paint On the mating surfaces changing when hot, or by dirt trapped between wheel and hub.

Safety Link System provides two levels of protection;

Clear visual indication that a wheel nut has

moved.A strong effective locking system

which will arrest any movement beyond

7 degrees of alignment.

Safety Link is NOT designed as a substitute for regular wheel inspection and correct torque procedures. Visual indication of wheel nut movement should encourage drivers to check the wheels regularly.
LOOSE WHEEL NUTS can damage a wheel, or the hub and wheel studs, lead to costly downtime or serious wheel-off accidents.

Order Kit Part # 131533 Contains 20 of 33 mm Safety Links, for 2 wheels.

131532 32 mm

131527 27 mm



Clean the wheel nut of surface contamination such as paint, rust, pits, etc.

After all wheel nuts are installed and proper torque has been checked;

Push the first Safety Link Wheel Clip over the outer edge of the wheel nut at 12 o'clock position. (Just push it on far enough to hold it.)

Working clockwise, fit the other Safety Link Wheel Clips on the remaining wheel nuts, ensuring that each clip is clicked to the previous one until the ring is complete.

With the palm of your hands, push each clip on a little further over the shoulder of the nut until the outer face of the clip is flush with the OUTER face of the wheel nut. This will leave 1/4"' to 1/2" gap behind the clip to the wheel face. THERE IS NO NEED TO PUSH THE CLIPS DOWN TO THE FACE OF THE WHEEL. This offers no added benefit and can make removal difficult.

When installing or removing the Safety Link Wheel Clips, work around the mounting hole of each clip and DO NOT pry or lever at the wings of the clips.

Use a small screwdriver or similar tool to pry two or three clips forward to the edge of the wheel nuts, then gently ease the remaining clips off with your fingers.

Wipe each clip thoroughly before re-installing clips.

Available in 3 sizes:

131527 - 27mm
131532 - 32mm
131533 - 33mm


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