Safety-Check System II

Bolt-on air brake adjustment gauge.

Springbrake stroke indicators.

Check brake strokes at a glance, anytime you hook-up to another trailer.

With safety-check system II installed on a trailer, brake stroke inspection takes only minutes without going under the trailer.

The gauge bracket bolts to an existing brake chamber mounting stud. The bolt-on bracket is fitted with a gauge plate preset to the allowed Brake chamber stroke readjustment limits.

The indicator bracket is installed between the slack adjuster and the pushrod jam nut.

The Gauge plate is adjustable to accommodate a brake chamber sizes from Type 12 to type 30, including long stroke brake chambers. Blister Card Packaged in Axle sets:


Part # Application weight

12322 Steer Axle Kit with 1/2" clevis pin 1.9#
14322 Drive Axle Kit with 1/2" clevis pin 1.11 #
12342 Drive Axle Kit w/ 5/8" clevis pin 1.11 #
16362 Trailer Axle Kit w/ 1/2" clevis pin 1.11 #
16382 Intraax Axle Kit w/ 1/2" clevis pin 1.11 #

All kit numbers above are shipped with greasable clevis pins.

Several other kit part numbers are available,

Some with smaller or larger clevis pins, others with nongreasable clevis pins, however these are our most popular.

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