Lite Flare is a battery operated low-priced alternative to ROAD FLARES.

Unlike single use disposable incendiary flares, each Lite Flare provides over 400 hours of operating efficiency. Each unit ships ready-to-use, with two AA batteries.

To re-use, install two fresh batteries.

The Lite Flare operating mechanism is enclosed in a sturdy, high impact plastic case that resists water, snow, dust rough pavement and even the weight of some automobiles.

Simple to operate with an ON/OFF switch on the bottom.

LITE FLARE is right for any emergency circumstance where public safety is in need of all the help it can get.

Warning other motorists of driving hazards that we have come upon would be nice, and it can happen.

Get a LITE FLARE set to show you care.



See flashing RED light for over one mile on a clear dark prairie night.

Won't ignite fuel or clothing Water resistant

High impact case

Lite Flare is available in: Singles Part # L 15-00L & Three pack # FLA-4650, for convenient storage in the trunk or glove box of the vehicle.

Size 4 1/4" Lx 3 7/8" x 1" D.

Shipping weight: 6 oz. Ea.

A set of LITE FLARE’s would look great in the

Glove-box of your car, SUV or pickup truck.

Why not get a pair to keep in the boat or RV as well.

No, we are not leaving out the long distance trucker and the tow truck operator.

U.S. Patent D457,457

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