Most premature brake drum and brake shoe cracking can be attributed to brake drag. At any time, brake shoes can get hung up on cam washers or the axle spider. These hang-ups could have fatal and costly conclusions. INLINEWEB is designed to be eyes for your brakes, preventing brake drag, lock ups, and dangerous drum cracking that can occur between services.

INLINEWEB is easy to install and adds only minutes to a routine brake job. Comparable items will add hours to the cost of a brake job.

INLINEWEB can be used in junction with or without dust covers.

Designed to extend the life of brake shoes and brake drums.

Abrasive brake shoe contact against the INLINEWEB will warn mechanics that a problem persists and should be corrected.

INLINEWEB is made of steel and powder coated for long life protection and durability.

INLINEWEB is a small investment that will payoff over the life of your trailers in two ways, extending brake drum and shoe life and will reduce the risk of costly liability.

Prevent this.....
With this.....

Keeping an eye on your brakes

INLINEWEB fits most Dana/Spicer trailer axles with common dust shield configurations as shown in photos.

Order Part# INW01

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