Greasable Clevis Pins for Slack Adjusters

Clevis pin and clevis pin bushing wear, contribute to longer brake strokes during roadside inspections. If clevis pin bushing wear in your auto slacks has been noticeable, get the product designed to reduce brake stroke issues.

Designed with a lubricant channel and coated with a corrosion resistant finish these pins fit both manual and autoslack clevis yokes.

To increase bushing life, install our pin and JUST ADD GREASE.

11038 1/2" Greasable with Indicator

11042 5/8" Greasable with Indicator

11034 1/2" Standard Greasable

Other causes of excessive brake stroke at roadside inspections we cannot fix with our excellent clevis pins are: Brake chamber bracket deflection,

Brake drum deflection,

Brake shoe deflection,

S-Cam wind-up (of the longer S-Cam shafts),

Excessive S-Cam bushing wear,

Brake spider wear,

S-Cam spline wear,

Slack adjuster worm gear wear,
By now, it is obvious that WEAR increases BRAKE STROKE.

REDUCE WEAR, remember, every little bit HELPS. Deflection and wear is MAXED-OUT when a FULL BRAKE APPLICATION is made during the brake stroke check at roadside inspections.

Shipping weight Part #

11034 Pkg 24 - 2.5lb.

11038 Pkg 24 - 2.5 lb.

11042 Pkg 12 - 2.5Ib.

11034 ½" Standard

11038 ½" Greasable with Indicator.

11042 5/8" Greasable with Indicator

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