Fifth Wheel Pin Pullers

Making it easy for drivers to stay away from that greasy 5th Wheel

6 Models to choose from:

There is no good reason for any driver to have to get all messed-up with grease.

Remember it's a reflection on the company

Part #

PP-501 39 inch long without a tip - fits Holland

PP-503 29 inch long without a tip - fits Holland

PP-502 39 inch long with tip - fits Any with safety catch

PP-505 29 inch long with tip - fits any with safety catch.

PP-506 39 inch with straight tip for Simplex 5th wheels


Fifth Wheel Pin Pullers:

Shipping weight per 10 Pack;

PP-501 251bs.
PP-503 20 lbs.
PP-502 25 lbs.
PP-505 20 lbs.
PP-504 20 lbs.
PP-506 251bs.

Mix and match for 10 pack.

Our standard finish is Chrome, but....

Special quantity orders of fifth wheel pin pullers arevailable, powder coated in special fleet colors.

A properly greased 5th wheel


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