EZ Chek

Easy way to check air brake adjustment.

Stop Brake over stroke problems. EZ Chek installs on the brake chamber pushrod, and pushes up against the non-pressure plate of the brake chamber with both the service brake and parking brake released.

Simple brake stroke check, look at the movement of the EZ Chek relative to the 1 ½ inch brake chamber mounting studs. EZ Chek Helps to promote proper brake adjustment at each wheel.

Allows for quick inspection of brake chamber brake strokes.

Helps identify proper function of autoslacks.

Promotes early detection of brake parts failure.

Allows a driver to quickly check brake adjustment anytime the vehicle is stopped and the brakes are applied.

Avoid citations of having a vehicle pulled out of service, use EZ Chek , it will save you time and money.

TK-6 EZ Chek Truck/tractor kit for 6 wheels

TTK-10 EZ Chek Tractor/trailer kit for 10 wheels

Shipping weight: Bag of 100 is 1lb.

EZ Chek Part Numbers Available;

Our most popular...

625 fits 5/8 inch pushrod

625SD fits 5/8 inch pushrod
Front axle brake chambers 500 fits ½ inch pushrod

Highway coaches’ w/DD-3's 750 fits ¾ inch pushrod

Built-in stroke indicator.

Part #500
Part #625
Part #625 SD
Part #750

Counter display (left) is available with the purchase of any mix of 20 kits

In this photo of the ArvinMeritor AutoSlack, the BB02 BrakChek Tool is inserted behind the locking pawl to prevent damage to the adjuster or the pawl while the Brake Boss wrench is placed over the 5/16" square head adjusting bolt, ready to back-off the adjuster.

In this photo, BB03 has been inserted through the Brake Boss wrench and turned 90 degrees. Now the BOSS is used to check FREE STROKE.