May be the extra pair of hands we ALL need.

Tool makes for an inexpensive mechanics helper?

No hourly pay.

No health benefits.

No sick days.

No vacation pay.

No arguments.

Just does what's requested, then rests until needed again.

Great helper for;

Clutch adjustment work,

Mechanics S-Cam brake stroke inspection tests, Mark & measure test

Driver pre-trip lamps or brake tests.

Easy to use;

Chock (block) the wheels to prevent rollaway.

Release the parking brakes if performing a brake stroke test.

Loosen the jam nut at the top of BrakeMate cylinder, Pull the cylinder extension rod up to the desired length, and depress the pedal in question,

Place the extended BrakeMate into position,

Tighten the jam-nut to allow BrakeMate to hold the pedal position

Now, go about completing the inspection or other task.

When work is complete, loosen the jam-nut, collapse the cylinders, and store in a safe place.

DO NOT even think about using BrakeMate as a cruise control, it could be bad for your health.

Ships on a Display card, measuring 22" L x 5" wide. Shipping weight: 14 oz.

Brake Mate
Part # BM-700

Brak      hek