BRAKE-BOSS The One size fits all Autoslack Wrench from Brake Boss Part # BB2000

Drivers...Let the BOSS help you... Back-Off any over adjusted Autoslack, Or Adjust any Manual Adjuster

Actual wrench size: 8 7/8"long x 15/16" wide x 7/32"5/16" square for ArvinMeritor ABA's

12 mm hex for Free-stroke check adapters BB-02@ BB-03

7/16" hex for Crewson, Gunite and Haldex ABA's

9/16 hex for Bendix ASA-5 Autoslack and ALL NIA (North American) brands of manual slack adjusters

To adjust ArvinMeritor autoslacks, there is a need to back-off the adjuster pawl 1/32" to disengage the anti-reverse pawl. A TAPERED TIP OF THE BB-02 IS DESIGNED FOR THIS TASK.

BB-2000 and BB-3 kit are sold separately. Accessory Kit part # BB3 includes:

BB-02 and BB-03 shown below.

Order Accessory Kit # BB 3

Brake Boss

Brake Boss Wrench from BrakChek Part # BB-2000 ABA's (Automatic Brake Adjusters)

This is a driver's wrench. Intended use is for backing-off over adjusted (tight) S-Cam brakes on trucks and trailers.

Overall size is about 9" long x 15/16" wide x 7/32". Hex sizes are 9/16",7/16, 12 mm and 5/16" square. 9/16" for manual adjusters and Bendix ASA-5

7/16" for Crewson, Gunite and Haldex ABA

12 mm for some older model Borg & Beck

5/16" square for ArvinMeritor (Rockwell) ABA

Above the BB-03 Brake Boss adapter has been inserted thru the Brake Boss wrench for use as leverage to check adjuster free stroke 3/8 to 5/8" is suggested maximum.

To the left the BB-02 adapter is inserted under the anti-reverse release pawl of the ArvinMeritor Autoslack before we attempt to back off the adjuster to prevent damage to the teeth on the pawl within.

If the pawl teeth are damaged, the adjuster is tree to move in either direction and the pawl must be replaced. To order these adapters order Brake Boss Kit BB-3

Brake Boss Lining and Stroke Gauge – Part # BB-5

Working through the inspection hole in the backing plate, or working without a dust shield, lining thickness inspection is quick and accurate when using this gauge.

If lining is thin, use the left end of the gauge as pictured above to confirm minimum thickness of 3/16" for fronts and 5/16" for rear drives or trailer linings.

The 3" scale on the bottom edge of the gauge can be used for "Mark & Measure" tests.

If there appears to be lots of lining, rest the long finger of the gauge on the shoe and drag the scribe along the lining, then measure thickness as shown here..


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